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Attribute Families make it easy to manage which Attributes are associated with a Product, Category, or Media.

  • First, Attributes are associated with an Attribute Group to make it easier to manage and organize Attributes.
  • Next, Attribute Groups are associated with an Attribute Family to make it easier to manage and organize Attribute Groups.
  • Then, when a Product, Category, or Media gets associated with an Attribute Family, that Product, Cateogry, or Media inherits all of the Attributes contained in the Attribute Family.

Types of Attribute Family

The Attribute Family concept is reused in several sections of Multifront. While they fundamentally work in the same way, there are three flavors of Attribute Family:

  • Product Attribute Families
  • Category Attribute Families
  • Media Attribute Families

Add Attributes Family

PIM > Attributes Family > "Attribute" Level > "Add New" button


  1. Add Attribute Family details
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button

Associate Attribute Groups

... > Attributes Family > "Add Attribute Group" button

AttributeCategoryGroupAssociate.PNG Note: Attributes Groups must be associated to an an active Attributes Category before they will appear in Attribute Details

  1. Search for an unassociate Attributes Group, then add to Category using the "Submit" button
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button

Delete Attributes Family Family

... > "Attribute Families" Level > "Delete" action
  • Attributes Family must be unassociated from all active Products before it can be deleted.

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