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PIM > Brands

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The Brands subsection is allowed customers to search your store via brand by creating brand-specific landing pages. This is a subsection of PIM and is a part of the PIM Category.

Brands lets your leverage the brands in your catalogs into their own personalized brand landing pages.

When customers visit a brand landing page, they will see all brand information and any products you've associated with that brand. From here, you'll also be able to assign which products you want featuring in your brand store. As you add more products to your store, you're able to easily add references for your products to their brand landing pages.

New brands can be added to the brand manager by editing the locale/values of the product attribute "Brand". You can assign products to your store to be featured on their respective brand landing pages.

Brand Tools

Brands tools.png
Delete Permanently delete an active element(s).
Activate Select to display one or more products in the storefront
Deactivate Select to hide one or more products in the storefront

Add Brand

Initial screen to add new brand solid black circle

There are up to three steps when relating a product to a brand.

  1. Create a Brand Name
  2. Create Brand Manager Page
  3. Establish Product and Brand Relationships

Note: You will only be able to relate a Product to a Brand after you have completed step #2.

Create Brand Name

The Master Attribute  List:
PIM > Product Attributes > Attributes > Attribute Code: Brands > Locale/Values tab

To create a new Brand, you'll need to go to edit the Product Attribute "Brand".

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During the Brand Manager landing page creation process, you're going to be asked to choose which brand you want to create a page for. The names that appear on the dropdown list are the unassigned values for the Product Attribute, "Brand".

Create Brand Manager Page

PIM > Brands > "Add New" button

To create a new Brands landing page, solid black circle

  1. Complete Brands details
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button. The Brands page with reloads with an "Associated Products" tab.

Associate Products to Brand

PIM > Brands > "Edit" action > Associated Products tab > "Associate Products" button

Associate Products to an existing Brand solid black circle Here we have selected the brand as Korger, then we go on to associate a certain product with this brand

solid black circle Within this brand, for instance, we consider associating carrots as a product with the Korger brand

  1. Select Products to associate with the brand
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button.

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