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PIM > Category Attributes > Attribute 

Category Attributes help pass along important information to Znode and Administrators about Categories. New Categories inherit their Category Attributes from their respective Product Attribute Category.

Category Attributes are comprised of Attribute Details and an Attribute Type.

  • Attribute Details are the actual descriptive bits of information which are associated to Categories.
  • Attribute Types determines what type of input to accept and, ultimately, how Znode will interact with your Attribute.

The multi-front comes with many default Category Attributes to get you off the ground. These are our most commonly used Attributes to help Administrators start creating Categories in their stores, however, mileage may vary. During Category creation, you'll be able to choose which Attributes appear when you choose a Category Attribute Category.

Category Attribute

solid black circle

Category Attributes pass Category Attributes to Categories and are a container for Category Attribute Groups. Administrators will be prompted to refer a Category Attribute Category during the Categories creation process. Once a Category Attribute is chosen, your Category will inherit all of the Category Attributes contained in the Groups associated with the Category.

New Category Attributes are built "on top" of the "Default" Category. When Administrators create new Attribute Categories they must be based on an existing Category Attribute Category; If just getting started, use "Default".

"Default" Attributes Category

Detail Description
CategoryName Internally used name for the category. Displayed in the navigation menu.
CategoryTitle Displayed as the category page title.
DisplayOrderCategory Categories with a lower display order are displayed first on the navigation menu.
CategoryImage Upload a suitable image for your category. These file types are supported. The file size should be less than 1.5 Meg. Your image will automatically be scaled so it displays correctly in the catalog.
image alt text This text is displayed if the image does not download correctly and SEO.
ShortDescription Enter an optional short description (less than 100 characters) to be displayed in the search result listing grid.
Long Description You can enter rich text and upload images using the editor. This will allow you to create a splash page for your Category or provide a text introduction that will show above your products. You may leave this field blank.
AdditionalDescription Enter additional information for the Category description.
CategoryBanner You can enter rich text and upload images using the editor. This can be used for Category Banner.
  • New Category Attribute Categories will contain at least the "Default" Category Attribute Category contents.
  • Category Attribute Categories can be reused and utilized in all your Stores.

Add/Edit Category Attribute

PIM > Category Attributes > "Attribute" > Add/Edit Attribute.

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Store Detail Description
Attribute type User needs to select attribute type from the available list of types.
Code User needs to add a unique Alphanumeric code.
Required User needs to select if the attribute is required or not.
Is Localizable User needs to select if the attribute needs to be localized or not.
Is show on Grid User needs to select if the attribute needs to be shown on Grid or not.
Min Date User needs to select a start date.
Max Date User needs to select an End date.
Select Attribute Group User needs to select a existing attribute Group.
Default Value User needs to select a relevant default value.
Help Description User needs to add help description for the attribute, it will help the user to understand attribute while creating a product.
Display Order User needs to add a display order for the attribute.

Note - Attribute code and type will not be editable once saved.

Delete Category Attribute

PIM > Category Attribute
  1. Click on Delete Icon.
  2. The Category Attribute is now deleted.

Category Attribute Groups

This section references Attributes Group. If you are looking for additional information on this topic, see Attributes Group.
PIM > Category Attributes > "Attribute Group" 

The user gets to view all the related attributes when he enters into the category attributes groups section. Some of the parameters on the basis of which the information is displayed are: Attribute code, Attribute label, Attribute type, Is required, Is localizable, Is the system defined. solid black circle

Add New Category Attribute Group

If the user desires to add a new category then the following provision is made to accomplish the same. Starting from Attribute Type till display order user can go on to enter the required fields. solid black circle

Apart from attribute details the user need to enter the values in the LOCALE / VALUES section. Once the user enters the relevant information in the attribute details and the LOCALE / VALUES section they must click on the SAVE or SAVE & CLOSE button, to save their preferences.

By clicking on the Attribute group option in the dropdown the user get to view all the relevant attribute groups. Also, an option to add the new attribute groups is also provided in this section.

Edit Category Attribute Group

Facility to edit the attribute group (to remove the unnecessary product attributes or edit the display order, from a particular attribute group) solid black circle

Locale related input in English and Spanish to be entered here solid black circle

Category Attribute Family

Attribute families are collection of various attribute groups saved together as an attribute family. For instance, if the DEFAULT CATEGORY is an attribute family then it contains the product attributes like CategoryName, CategoryCode, CategoryTitle, DisplayOrderCategory, CategoryImage, image alt text,LongDescription,ShortDescription,AdditionalDescription ,CategoryBanner. Likewise, the user could go on creating an attribute family comprising of different products attributes. Such a collection of product attributes could be added in an attribute family by adding the attribute groups in a particular attribute family.

solid black circle

Rework can be avoided if the products are more or less the same for a particular store which can refer to a previously created attribute family.

Edit Attribute Families

PIM > Category Attributes > Attribute families  > Click on "Edit"

Here the attribute groups relevant to the particular attribute family are added to an attribute family. Attribute groups contain various product attributes, such product attributes can be excluded here to suite according to the users choice. Likewise, various attribute groups would be added and the respective product attribute could be retained according to a different store requirement.

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For locale information related to the attribute family like the attribute family name in English and Spanish languages, here the family code gets applied from the previous screen solid black circle

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