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Admin > Imports

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The Product, Pricing, Cost Price, Inventory, Category, Zip Code, Product Attribute, Category Association, Customer, Customer Address, Product Association, SEO details, Highlights, Addon Association, and Default Attribute Value, voucher information can be Imported or Exported in the Import & Export section of Znode.

Import Detail

Detail Description
Locale ID Select a Locale for Import
Import Type Select an Import Type from drop-down; Product, Pricing, Inventory, or Category.
Select Template Select a Template from the drop-down. New templates can be created using the "Create New Template" button. Existing Templates can be downloaded using the "Download Template" button.

Add Imports

Admin users can import any of the above using the import feature.

Admin > Import & Export > "Add New" buttons

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  1. Add Imports Details
  2. Attach a file to Import using the "Browse" button. Must be in.CSV or Excel format.
  3. Save Import using the "Import" button
  4. Page will refresh with confirmation your Import has started. Use the "Status" button to check the status of Import. This may take several minutes.
  5. Import is finished when "Status: Completed". After Import is completed, Administrators should verify upload data appears in the appropriate Znode sections.

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