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DAM > Media Explorer

The Media Explorer is the central hub in Znode for managing all of your media assets. Welcome! We had a hunch you might stop by. In this section, you can easily organize and structure how your media files are stored using the Media Explorer Folder Hierarchy. solid black circle

Administrators can reference their uploaded media assets anytime Znode asks for an image, file, sound, or video. The best part is, these media assets can be globally referenced or reused throughout your Stores. Users get to access the media present in their local drives and to use it for their webstore

There is a Root folder which includes all the different folders for respective stores; within these stores, there are sub-folders separately representing a different kind of media separately like Image, File, Audio, Video. All of this can be visible through the following image where this hierarchy is exhibited solid black circle

Media explorer hierarchy is well explained in the section below


Media Explorer Folder Hierarchy

The Media Attribute Folder Hierarchy is the organizational structure within your DAM. The Hierarchy search allows Administrators to search among their folder structure for a match. Similarly, Admins can use the Media search to locate a media asset.

Media Explorer Tools

In the Media Explorer section, the Tools button gains some cool superpowers to help manage your media assets.

Tool Description
Move Media Change the file location of an active element(s)
Download Downloads active element(s) to local storage

Add Media

 DAM > Media Explorer > "Browse" button

solid black circle

Note: By default, there is no limit to file type or individual file size that can be uploaded. Just as an FYI, these can be restricted by Editing the Image, Video, File, or Audio Media Attributes.

  1. Click a destination folder from the Media Explorer Folder Hierarchy.
  2. Click the "Browse" button to reveal local storage. Then, navigate to the Media Asset(s) which is to be uploaded.
  3. Once Media Asset(s) are selected, press "Open"
  4. A progress notification will confirm when the upload has occurred. Upload is complete when "Status" shows "Done".
  5. New Media is now saved to Media Explorer.

Edit Media

DAM > Media Explorer > "Edit" action

Using the media edit explorer the various parameters related with the media file could be changed. The parameters that the user may wish to access and change with in the General section are: Description, Display name. In case of the META INFORMATION section the parameters would only be viewed, they are: Name, Size,Height,Width,Type,Created Date,Modified Date.

solid black circle

  1. Edit Media Attribute details
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button. The page will now reload with action confirmation.
  3. Edits are now saved.

Note- If an existing image is replaced with another image having the same name will generate the same Azure URL and GUID for the image if Azure storage server is used.

Replace Media
DAM > Media Explorer > "Edit" action > Replace Media

In Media Explorer Replace Media button has been added. With help of this admin users can replace any existing media file with another media file of the same type so that the replaced media file is available in all the areas where the initial file was available.

solid black circle

Important: When an image file is replaced with another image file, it’s size will be automatically generated (i.e. Generate Image call would be initiated)

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