Multifront 9 Post-install Checklist

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The Znode 9 Installation Postcheck is used to verify the Znode Installer has been completed successfully.

Znode 9 Post-installation Steps

  1. Check for the following "Services" and confirm they are running.
    • MongoDB
    • Elastic Search
    • SQL Server
  2. 2 Confirm Host File entries appear as below in order to launch the Znode applications
  3. Setup8.png

  4. Open IIS and confirm the following four sites are running:
    • ZnodeAdmin
    • ZnodeApi
    • ZnodeWebstore
    • ZnodePayment
  5. IIS needs to have a Server configured with additional IIS and .NET components installed.
  6. Below is the screen capture of the component list:
    IIS Components
    NET Components

Znode 9 Post-installation Troubleshooting

For additional troubleshooting resources for Znode 9 Post-installation Troubleshooting, please reference the following articles:

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