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CMS > Page Templates

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Page Templates are static HTML pages, which incorporate Widgets, to create Content Pages.

  • Out of the Box - Znode comes with some commonly used Page Templates. These can be downloaded locally using the "Download" action and customized offline. These can be saved locally using the "Download" action.
  • Custom Templates - Templates can be created for custom requirements using a static HTML page and Widgets.

Page Template Details

Detail Description
Name Internal reference name for the Page Templates
File Name Use "Browse" button to locate .CSHTML page template file.
Preview Image Admin user can associate a Preview Image to the Page Template from this section while adding new/editing Page Template. This associated preview image will be available in the Page Template selection dropdown on the add content page.

Create Custom Page Template

  1. Download one of the "Default" Page Templates to use a base.
  2. Create a static HTML page based on custom requirements, using Widgets where applicable.
  3. Add the static HTML page to the Page Template section of CMS. See "Add New Template" below

Add New Template

CMS > Page Templates > "Add New" button

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  1. Enter Page Template Name
  2. Use "Browse" button to locate .CSHTML page template file.
  3. Select the Preview Image.
  4. Save progress using "Save" button.

Edit Template

  CMS > Page Templates > "Edit" action

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  1. Browse for new .CSHTML page template file.
  2. Select the Preview Image.
  3. Save progress using "Save" button.

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