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Marketing > Product Reviews

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A Product Review is a customer-made review of a Product they have purchased. Users create Product Reviews in your Stores.

It is the discretion of the Administrator whether or not the Product Review will be displayed to other Customers in your Stores. Note: This setting is managed in Stores, on the General tab, called "Default Customer Review Status". "Publish Immediately" would not require approval for Product Reviews and all the reviews will directly get published Stores.

Product Reviews Details

Detail Description
Product Name This noneditable field indicates the name of the product on which the customer (shopper) has submitted the review.
Headline This field indicates the headline of the review.
Comments This field indicates the reviews submitted by the customer (shopper).
Username This field indicates the Username of the customer (shopper) who has submitted the review.
User Location This field indicates the location of the customer (shopper) from where he/she has submitted the review.
Rating This field indicates the ratings submitted by the customer for the said product
Review Status This field indicates the status of the review.
Created Date This field indicates the date on which the review has submitted.

Edit Product Reviews

Marketing > Product Reviews > "Edit" action

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  1. Edit new Product Review details
  2. Save results using the "Save" button

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