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RMALanding.png All Orders that have been processed with the "RMA" action (OMS > RMAs > "RMA" action) will be visible here. After the RMA has been initiated, the order return/refund details are visible from this page.

In the RMAs or RMA Manager section, Admins are able to view all of their Orders marked as "Refund" or "Returned".

In the event a gift card must be created for an RMA, the '"Append RMA" action will automatically create a Gift Card for the RMA.

Note: If you're looking for storewide RMA Configuration, settings are found Admin > RMA Configuration.

View RMA

OMS > RMA > "Preview" Action


  • The "Preview" action will display a print view of RMA details. These details can be printed with the "Print" button

Append RMA

OMS > RMA > "Append" Action
  1. Complete Gift Cards details
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button

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